The age of child is an important factor when introducing children to engineering. As a child grows older, he/she will be able to learn more complex tasks and engineering concepts. Engineering does not have the same meaning for every child, so it’s important that you introduce your child in a way that they can understand. This article discusses how to introduce children to engineering at different ages!

Introducing children to engineering at different ages

When you introduce your child to engineering, the age of child is important. As a child grows older, they will be able to learn more and more. What does engineering mean for every child? It depends on how you introduce it!

– One should consider the child’s age when introducing them to engineering.

– Below are some age appropriate ideas for children.

One child may be too young to build anything, but they can color or paint something that engineers have built! Have your child plant seeds in the garden and watch them grow with their own engineering skills! Your child will feel like an engineer when you bake together using ingredients such as flour, eggs, baking soda and sugar. It is important to keep child safe when introducing them to engineering!

As a child grows older, he/she will be able to learn more complex tasks and engineering concepts. The child will also be learning about the world and how things work.

This is a great time to introduce them to engineering principles and concepts.

Children can start at any age, even before they are able to read or write. They may not understand everything you say but children love doing what their parents do so if you like building with blocks or playing with machines, they will want to do the same.

It’s different for every child

Engineering does not have the same meaning for every child, so it’s important that you introduce your child in a way that they can understand.

For example, some children might not see the difference between engineers and construction workers. Instead of trying to explain that they are very different jobs, consider introducing your child to engineering in a way you know they’ll understand.

If your child is interested in how things work, for instance if he likes taking apart toys or household appliances; odds are good that he would be interested in engineering.

Introducing your child to engineering can start with something simple, like giving him a toolbox and letting him play around with it. Letting them learn about how tools work will introduce them to the concept of engineering without overloading their brains too early on.

There are age appropriate ways to introduce your child to engineering. Once they’ve learned the basics, you can start introducing them in different ways and expanding their knowledge about what engineers do!

Enroll Them in Engineering Camp

If you have a child interested in engineering, enroll them in an engineering camp. This will provide your child with the confidence and tools they need to learn more on their own about the field of science while also having fun!

– Engineering Camps are Fun for Kids

There is no better way for kids to get excited about engineering than through a fun camp. These camps are filled with hands-on activities that teach children about the engineering field and how it is directly related to what they learn in school each year.

– Engineering Summer Camps

During the summer, your child will have many options available for them as far as an engineering camp goes. While some of these camps are designed for specific age groups, many of them allow children to enroll in sections that they fit best.

– Try an Engineering Camp at Your School

If your child is not old enough or can’t afford a summer camp outside of school, talk with their teacher about the possibility of having one during the school year! This will be a more affordable option and still allow your child to get a taste of what it is like.

– Engineering Camps for Girls

If you child is female, finding an engineering camp may be the perfect way for them to learn about how they too can participate in this field. There are many camps designed specifically with girls in mind so they will fit right in and feel welcomed.

– Engineering Summer Camps for Kids

Don’t wait! If you child is interested in engineering, talk to them about the fun they can have while learning more about this field and sign them up for a summer camp today! The sooner your child begins learning, the better their chances will be of making it.


Find your child an engineering mentor. A child will do better with a mentor who is more on their level.

– Find out what your child’s interests are, and try to find an engineer in those fields. For example: if the child has interest in space travel, reach out to rocket scientists or aerospace engineers for mentorship opportunities.

– Create a specific time and place where you child can meet with their mentor regularly so they stay motivated. This could be weekly meetings at either of your offices, or it could be at a child’s school.

– If your child is already in an engineering-related field, look for other children who are interested in the same thing to form a club with! This allows them to have fun while learning more about their interests. It also provides social support because they will not feel alone when exploring the wonderful world of engineering.

The child should also have an engineering toy to play with and use as a learning tool.

You may want to familiarize your child with the language of engineers by reading him/her some children’s books about this topic that contain more complex words than usual. You could even make up some child-friendly word replacements if you feel like your child is ready for this.

This will allow the child to develop a deeper understanding of engineering and its applications in society more easily, and he/she may even get interested enough to pursue an engineering degree when they grow up!

Interested in starting a child on the path to an engineering degree? You can do it! There are many ways that you can introduce your child to the world of engineering and we’ve provided just a few. Whether they’re interested in space travel or rocket science, there is something for everyone and at every age level. If you want help getting started, reach out and let our team know what type of mentorship program would best suit your child’s interests. We look forward to helping families start their children off on the right foot by introducing them to this fascinating field as early as possible!

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